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Certified Financial Crime Risk Analyst


This is a Virtual Training program that prepares students to complete their CFCRA Certification.

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Overview of Certified Financial Crime Risk Analyst

Certified Financial Crime Risk Analyst (CFCRA) is a unique certification program offered by Indiaforensic. This certification program comprises a Blended Learning Mode. The certification will provide the understanding of essential skills and knowledge in forensic accounting, forensic auditing, and fraud detection domain.

This is an international program and is focused on the developments related to forensic accounting, accessing the red flags of fraud, etc. This program will also help the entry-level staff who are willing to do a career in fraud, forensic accounting, investigation, etc.

Importance of Certification

  • The CFCRA Program is the go-to certification program for students or aspirants who are willing to develop a career in the forensic accounting domain.
  • By doing this certification the aspirants would enhance and expand their knowledge in forensic accounting.
  • By the end of the certification program, the aspirants will have a solid understanding of the basics of forensic accounting and forensic auditing, different types of frauds and their impacts on society or business organizations.
  • The certification will help to understand the forensic accounting domain and develop a career in that domain.

Mode of Delivery for Certified Financial Crimes Risk Analyst (CFCRA) Course

The Certified Financial Crimes Risk Analyst (CFCRA) course offers a comprehensive and flexible learning experience designed to equip professionals with the skills to detect, prevent, and combat financial crimes effectively. The mode of delivery includes a combination of live training sessions, self-paced learning, and video modules, providing participants with a well-rounded and adaptable learning journey.

Live Training Sessions

  • Duration: 2 months (6 weeks)
  • Hours: 30 hours of live training
  • Delivery Format: Virtual (Online)
  • Instructors: Industry Experts with extensive experience in Financial Crime Risk Management
  • Schedule: Regular live training sessions held at designated timings

Certified Financial Crime Risk Analyst Course Structure

  • Week 1: Introduction to Financial Crimes Risk Management
  • Week 2: Unraveling Financial Crimes: Past Failures and Future Strategies
  • Week 3: Forensic Accounting for Fraud Detection: A Comprehensive Investigative Journey
  • Week 4: Advanced Techniques in Detecting Financial Crimes: A Forensic Accounting Perspective
  • Week 5: Report Writing for Financial Crimes Investigation: Guidelines and Best Practices
  • Week 6: Evidentiary Considerations in Financial Crimes Investigations: A Forensic Accountant's Perspective

Self-paced Learning

After the 2-month live training, participants have access to self-paced learning resources, This phase allows learners to review and reinforce concepts at their own pace.

Course Highlights

Exhaustive Syllabus: The CFCRA course covers a wide range of topics related to financial crimes, including practical case studies on bank frauds, corporate frauds, money laundering, fraud detection, and more.

Dynamic Curriculum: The syllabus is regularly updated to reflect the latest developments and trends in the field of financial crime risk management.

Expert-led Live Training: 30 hours of live training conducted by industry experts, providing participants with valuable insights and real-world knowledge.

Thorough Understanding: After completing the course, professionals will have a deep understanding of various financial crimes and the relevant international laws and regulations governing them.

Flexibility: The course offers both live training sessions and self-paced learning, enabling participants to manage their study schedule according to their convenience.

Industry-Relevant Video Modules: The Certified eCommerce Fraud Specialist course ensures participants are equipped with the latest knowledge to combat evolving types of bank fraud in the digital era.

Certification: Upon successful completion of the CFCRA course and passing the certification exam, participants will earn the prestigious Certified Financial Crimes Risk Analyst (CFCRA) credential, recognized and respected in the finance industry.

Who Should Attend

The CFCRA course is ideal for professionals in the following fields:

  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) Professionals
  • Fraud Investigators and Fincrime Analysts
  • Financial Services Executives
  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Auditors and Forensic Accountants
  • Banking and Financial Institution Staff

Learning outcome

Indiaforensic provides a number of opportunities to aspirants who are looking forward to making their career in the forensic accounting domain as it is an emerging sector among youngsters. The main objective of the certification is to equip aspirants with a basic understanding and knowledge of different financial crime risks associated with the fraud and forensic domain.

Certification Benefit

  • It offers exhaustive content available for the aspirants.
  • Aim to meet the rapid growth of skilled resources in the fraud and forensic accounting domain.
  • This certification will provide insights into the risk associated with the financial crime sector.
  • Aspirants will be better equipped with knowledge of different types of fraud.
  • By doing this certification the aspirants will be prioritized in different organizations as they have an understanding of this domain.

What would the certification bring to your career?

  • The aspirants would earn career credentials.
  • Awareness among youngsters of fraud, industry practices, problems, and solutions that are taking place at large.
  • Aspirants would benefit by getting a basic understanding of the financial crime risk domain, including its various components and applications. This knowledge would help you to develop the skills and mitigate the risk associated with fraud.
  • As forensic accounting becomes increasingly crucial in the financial industry and beyond, having a certificate in this area would give you a competitive advantage in the market. Individuals with specialized knowledge and skills in this field, and having a certificate would demonstrate their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest developments.

Future of forensic accounting

Forensic Accounting is an emerging sector as the number of fraud and fraudulent practices is increasing. The increase in financial crimes, corporate scandals, and the need for organizations to prevent and detect fraudulent activities has created the demand for the forensic accounting domain. The scope of forensic accounting is likely to expand as new types of financial crimes emerge and regulatory requirements become stricter.

Digitalization in financial systems and transaction plays a significant role in the future of forensic accounting. The use of advanced data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other tools helps in the detection and prevention of fraudulent activities. The increasing globalization of business and the interconnection of financial systems has expanded career opportunities globally.

The forensic accounting field is highly competitive so developing educational background and sharpening analytical and investigative skills will enhance the career prospects in the field.

The scope of forensic accounting is never ending as different frauds, scams, and scandals take place on a day-to-day basis. So it is necessary to build awareness about the financial crime risk domain.

Who Should Attend

The CFCRA course is ideal for professionals in the following fields:

  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) Professionals
  • Fraud Investigators and Analysts
  • Financial Services Executives
  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Auditors and Forensic Accountants
  • Banking and Financial Institution Staff

CFCRA Program Examination

The following are the points about the CFCRA examination:

  • The examination is conducted through online mode.
  • No negative marking criteria.
  • The minimum passing mark for the examination is 75%.

For more details kindly contact on contactus@riskprolearning.com or call/whatsapp on +91 9766594401.

Additional information


1. Examination will be conducted online through our portal.
2. Indiaforensic will provide examination access post one month live training at the candidate's discretion.
3. Exam will be Multiple Choice Questions with 100 questions for 100 marks.
4. 75% is the Passing Percentage.


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